ZOL 01
The urban node - 'The Zollhaus' is located in one of the most important nodes of people flows in the city. In the crossing of the main railway artery and 'Langstrasse' 'The Zollhaus' joins these worlds as an urban catalyst, as a new connection between the colourful Langstrassenquartier and Central Station.
Heterogeneous bigness - The volume mediates between the large-scale development of the 'Europaallee' across the tracks and the small-scale pattern of 'Kreis 5'. 'The Zollhaus' is a complex of three volumes that come functionally and visually together. The slim volume is pushed as far as possible from the noisy tracks. The result is a simple and compact volume with a podest and roof as combining elements. In the extension of Mattengasse and Ackerstrasse public passages - "urban windows" - ensure accessibility and visibility from quartier to the railway. The facade reflects the heterogeneous environment.
An urban loft - 'The Zollhaus' is not only a sustainable building but a sustainable structure for life. It is flexible, adaptable and multi-use. The static concept and layout allow for change of use as well as flexible combinations of living units.
Community life - The basis for generating and supporting a community is a dense network of situations which allow and create interaction. The circulation network is designed as a choreography with strategically positioned collective places.


Genossenschaft Kalkbreite








helsinkizurich (Mirjam Niemeyer, Tommi Mäkynen, Michelangelo D'Ettorre)

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