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helsinkizurich is an internationally operating architecture and planning consultancy. Our work is driven by the belief that the quality of people’s lives is directly influenced by their surroundings, at work, at home or the public spaces in between. We make places for good life.

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helsinkizurich The project of the Century for Lucerne: «Durchgangsbahnhof Luzern – Entwicklung Bahnhofsraum 2040» - HZ's Tommi in… https://t.co/GPd6rDo87F
helsinkizurich HZ has been rewarded as a finalist in Flor da Manha school design competition for disabled children in Mozambique! https://t.co/RKHoRfujXp
helsinkizurich Linnanfältti, Turku, FI: HZ Urban and building simulation and assessment project finished after three years! https://t.co/isGn5Vs0Fj
helsinkizurich Yan’an Road Campus regeneration plan, Shanghai, by HZ: Donghua University, urban design and schematic building desi… https://t.co/9MDSa0B04D
helsinkizurich Suvela Centre Regeneration, Espoo, FI, by HZ: Suvela Heart, urban and building design for a mixed-use urban block https://t.co/U3xrFRmyLR
helsinkizurich Strömfors ironmill area regeneration plan by HZ: Urban design and building design, Loviisa, FI https://t.co/NnlhpmIifa
helsinkizurich Strömberg Park, Vaasa: Urban design and schematic building design by HZ - originally Alvar Aalto -designed industri… https://t.co/t2EQXS93qv