• BOA carroussel1
  • HZ AVA Mus Karroussel
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  • ZWI main
  • HZ SUV karroussel
  • SAM 01
  • nid bildkarroussel-683x374
  • AVAbus main
  • ZOL 01
  • hz8
  • AGG phone
  • BOA mob 01
  • fin bildkarroussel-683x374
  • SAM mob 01
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helsinkizurich HZ sucht PraktikantIn in Zürich. Weitere Infos hier: https://t.co/k1EhLi14jZ
helsinkizurich Dear Clients, Partners, Colleagues, Neighbors, Friends... Dear YOU: We'd like to wish you all Happy Holidays!… https://t.co/RgfHswJSsG
helsinkizurich Our project 'Heart of Suvela' in Espoo FI has gotten green light from the key landowners - it's a long way still...… https://t.co/ymPxm35LqJ
helsinkizurich Our website is temporarily unavailable - please be patient.
helsinkizurich 1715 proposals were submitted for intl architecture competition of #Guggenheim #Helsinki - HZ… https://t.co/eQYjaRYHlq
helsinkizurich "5 Points for Urbanity" - HZ's @MirjamNiemeyer gives a talk on elemental things for better urban projects at Uni St… https://t.co/ohanDqzqla
helsinkizurich HZ @TommiMakynen invited to Stuttgart DE Nov 17-18 as member of Swiss Isocarp delegation to discuss new Housing developments