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helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: Mirjam in Munich and Kolbermoor DE, Mar 3-4, @TommiMakynen in Moscow RU, Mar 3-6
helsinkizurich Sadly we didn't win this: the AGGLOlac Testplanning in Biel-Nidau CH has come to an end: see OPENlac - our proposal http://t.co/ALtncPiCPk
helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: Mirjam is in Munich and Kolbermoor DE, Feb 2-3
helsinkizurich A group of City Planners of Bern and Basel just visited our office in Zurich to talk about new collective housing concepts - good discussion
helsinkizurich Wishing you and your family a safe and prosperous New Year!!! http://t.co/Rci9NviOTL
helsinkizurich Press on our Venture in Russia: Швейцарские архитекторы обеспечат досуг жителей уральской провинции http://t.co/E1JyqyIdcu
helsinkizurich This week HZ presented a Development Concept for the Centre of Suvela neighbourhood in Espoo FI - "Heart of Suvela" was well received.