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helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: @AAhlava in Boston US May 21-25 to work with MIT, @TommiMakynen in Helsinki FI for projects in Aviapolis and Suvela #cities
helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: @MirjamNiemeyer in Kyiv and Vinnitsa UA May 14-21 for @CANactions - mentoring the project 'Riverbanks of Vinnitsa' #cities
helsinkizurich Flats for 1400 inhabitants here - HZ was selected for the feasibility study in Udelboden in Luzern CH #housinghttps://t.co/ty5ZSxaChP
helsinkizurich Highrise typologies can be renewed #hku #spiral #suzhou https://t.co/tv3uVSOtM1
helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: @AAhlava in Hong Kong, May 5-9 as a visiting critique at the HKU
helsinkizurich @AAhlava /HZ as a visiting critic at Hongkong University Dept. of Architecture 5.-9.5.2017 - looking forward to ins… https://t.co/39Fpk1Tni1
helsinkizurich The Chäsimatt-project in Rotkreuz CH has been presented to the local authorities and neighbors - and well-received. https://t.co/btqwaj3wJU