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helsinkizurich HZ @TommiMakynen has been welcomed as a Member of the International Society of City and Regional Planners ISOCARP http://t.co/ISOnuEsBgo
helsinkizurich HZ has been invited to a senior and student - nice combo - housing competition in Zwicky-Areal http://t.co/fEIxqGTR7D in Wallisellen CH
helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: Tommi is shortly in Espoo & Vantaa FI to discuss projects, June 11-13
helsinkizurich HZ's proposal for Bayernkaserne also now on our website http://t.co/fTwJjGIQVr
helsinkizurich Exhibition: 25 Proposals for Bayernkaserne, Munich DE on show 21.5-6.6 http://t.co/4ASWWQb2I0 http://t.co/ZXeOn8uuzJ
helsinkizurich HZ's Concept for the #Aviapolis Bus Terminal by Helsinki Airport was very well-received by planners of Vantaa. http://t.co/fgEG5qfnBm
helsinkizurich HZ Project 'Kotikulmat' ('Corners') in Helsinki FI at the City Planning Office Forum http://t.co/1OIay59zSihttp://t.co/KWtytKu94D