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helsinkizurich HZ designed Balboa Bar and Gym opening these days in Zurich - preview of the smaller gym #interiordesign #interiors https://t.co/ACbEdGqtUG
helsinkizurich HZ has been selected as a Contract Consultant for Urban Design by the City of Loviisa FI - looking forward for the collaboration!
helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: @TommiMakynen in Helsinki FI Apr 29
helsinkizurich HZ #interior project in Zurich: Balboa Bar and Gym on Schanzengraben just off Paradeplatz opening soon! https://t.co/wNO63sETl3
helsinkizurich HZ @TommiMakynen ist Fachpreisrichter bei kooperativen Verfahren »Mobilitätsdrehscheibe am Zoll Lörrach-Riehen« im Rahmen der IBA Basel 2020
helsinkizurich HZ whereabouts: @MirjamNiemeyer in Kyiv UA Apr 17-20 teaching at @CANactions "Tackling the Future of Ukrainian (Post)industrial Cities"
helsinkizurich Happy to see our design for @balboamove gym and bar coming up good! https://t.co/7vAbEj8did