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helsinkizurich HZ got building permission for a #transformation of an emergency shelter into a housing #flat in Helsinki. The proj… https://t.co/iOFz3TXJH4
helsinkizurich A new year of @CANactions in Kyiv UA begins again! HZ @MirjamNiemeyer and @TommiMakynen teaching #urbanstudieshttps://t.co/fFxidXRrRK
helsinkizurich @AAhlava as keynote speaker in the seminar Service Logic for Shaping Future Environments - thank you @louyongqi and other friends!
helsinkizurich Go get the new issue of #TidskriftenRUM - they made a big feature on the Balboa Bar & Gym. Tack så mycket! https://t.co/tAjzXROgCu
helsinkizurich Go get the new issue of @Hochparterre - danke schön for the nice piece on the Balboa Bar & Gym https://t.co/k21ZpDLDPQ
helsinkizurich Architizer features our Balboa Bar & Gym project - thanks! https://t.co/M2bnUWHkM4
helsinkizurich Architecture for People | International Seminar, in Helsinki Oct 4 - HZ @AAhlava joining the panel discussion https://t.co/7MYOo9wxaV