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  • HZ AVA Mus Karroussel
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  • HZ SUV karroussel
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  • AGG phone
  • GUG Karroussel Phone 1 438x216
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  • AVA Bildkarroussel phone
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helsinkizurich Zurich has chosen HZ as one of ten (from 148) Teams to help the city grow by 20'000 inhabitants until 2030. Woohoo! http://t.co/EvrCMu1nQ5
helsinkizurich Villa Samurai by helsinkizurich in World Architecture WAN @worldarchnews news! http://t.co/WwcKUAX5wh
helsinkizurich @citiesconnect visited our Zurich office for talking future. Cool Project! Looking forward to collaborate soon. https://t.co/3iqNp0TsLk
helsinkizurich HZ shortlisted for Planungswettbewerb "Wohnquartier rund um Haldenseestrasse" in Munich DE. About the Project: http://t.co/c3tDJ4WcHV
helsinkizurich HZ wurde für Planungswettbewerb "Wohnquartier rund um Haldenseestrasse" in München ausgewählt! Über das Projekt: http://t.co/c3tDJ4WcHV
helsinkizurich @aahlava from HZ tutoring Labs for Learners design workshop at RCA London Sep 1-3 - designing school as a service.
helsinkizurich RT @TommiMakynen: We're discussing collaboration with the recently opened @CANactions school for urban studies in Kiev - very inspiring!